School Reopening Signs

Getting ready to reopen your high school, elementary school, college, or university? Going back to school this year will be different. Signtacular has the school social distancing signs as recommend by the CDC that you need to be prepared with the proper precautions and procedures, made easy for students.

Not to mention, we have created sign packages that make the process easy and affordable for principles and facility managers to buy the signs you need. Check out our School reopening package here.

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About Our School Reopening Signs

We are proud to offer the social distancing signs that schools need to properly reopen this Fall. We have the right solution both for small schools needing a few classroom signs, to entire school districts needing their signs for every school, classroom, gymnasium, and hallway they operate.

The Right School Signage For Your Needs

We took the time to interview higher education professionals about what they need from a package solution for their schools. Based on that, we have made a great collection of school reopening signs that consider what is needed by each classroom, hallway, office or other area. We even realized the need for bilingual signs with Spanish!

Social Distancing Signs Made For Students

Knowing the signs would be used in schools, we have designed the signs to be child friendly and serve all the various needs a school will face, like arrow signs for one-way hallways and markers for where to stand with proper social distancing.